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HFRRF Investment Philosophy

Fund Asset Allocation as of June 30, 2022

The Fund practices the traditional philosophy of asset allocation by maintaining percentage ranges of the assets in domestic stocks, international stocks, bonds, cash, private equity, alternative investments, and real estate.  Using an asset allocation forces the Fund to be a disciplined investor with a particular focus on safety, profitability, and liquidity.

Historically, the Fund has exceeded its total return objectives by adhering to these principles.  The chart below illustrates this growth in market value over time.  

Annualized Returns as of June 30 2023.png
Investment Returns as of 6/30/2023
Fund Asset Allocation as of June 30 2023.png
Asset Allocation as of 6/30/2023
The graph above illustrates the power of diversification since 1977. Blue dots show how bonds and equities diversify each other and protect against excessive volatiliy. 2022 was an exception - bonds and equities both went down. 
Performance Comparison
Market Growth as of June 30 2023.png
Growth of Fund Assets
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