Celebrating the life of Tony Lance Pierce 7/25/1962 - 4/23/2020
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By Dalia "Dolly" De La Cruz on April 29, 2020

Tony was like a brother to all that met him. If you ever had the chance to meet and visit with Tony, you would understand. He had a personality like no other. Everyday that he came into the office he put a smile on everyone’s faces and always had something funny to say. He had a special laugh that reminded us of a TV character. He often gave us that certain laugh as he charismatically walked away and left us shaking our heads, crying with laughter. Tony took pride in working with the firefighters as they would anxiously wait to meet with him for a DROP counseling or as they approached the end of their career, getting all the information they needed to make informative decisions about their future retirement. Tony always made sure it was a smooth transition for the members when they were ready to leave a long-term career and shift into retirement. Tony had a knack about him when he facilitated the educational presentations. He quickly put the crowd at ease with one of his well thought analogies to help members understand his message. These wonderful characteristics that Tony was blessed with and the sweet memories that we all have of him is what will help us keep moving forward, just like Tony would have wanted.


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