View current conference center calendar for date availability. You will be transferred to our EventPro website - it may take a couple minutes for the pop up window to open.

View our vendor book which lists companies by category such as a/v, bar equipment/service, catering, entertainment (DJs, casinos, etc,) local hotels, photographers and more. You may choose ANY vendor - you are NOT limited to those listed here.  We do not prefer or recommend any vendors.   


Rental Rates

Rates are based on 12-hour rental period ending no later than 2 am.
Price includes set up and teardown of tables, chairs, staging and dance floor.

Section Area Size  Monday-Friday Day Rental Monday-Friday Evening Rental Saturday Day/Evening Rental Sunday Day/Evening Rental
ABC 6,030 sq ft $2,200 $2,200 $2,800 $2,200
C 3,390 sq ft $1,150 $2,200
must rent ABC
must rent ABC
must rent ABC
AB  2,640 sq ft $1,100 $2,200
must rent ABC
must rent ABC
must rent ABC
A or B  1,320 sq ft $550 $2,200
must rent ABC
must rent ABC
must rent ABC

Additional time may be purchased, at least 2 weeks in advance, at the rate of $150 per hour.

HFRRF members may qualify for 10% discount on above rates when renting the facility for an event honoring themselves or immediate family member.

Corporate Rates

Rates are based on an 9-hour rental period. 7am-4pm

Price includes set up and teardown of tables, chairs, staging, podium, mic and 8’ tripod screen.

Section Monday-Friday
Day Rental
ABC - 6,030 sq ft $1,650
C - 3,390 sq ft $875
AB - 2,640 sq ft $825
A or B - 1,320 sq ft $475

Additional time may be purchased, at least 2 weeks in advance, at the rate of $150 per hour. 

Audio Visual Equipment

The equipment will be in the room ready for your event. Fees are assessed each day.

Equipment Price
Flipchart with Pad and Markers $20
HD LCD Projector $100
Screen (8’ tripod) n/c
Wireless handheld mic n/c
Wireless lavalier mic n/c

**Set up of lessee’s equipment is responsibility of lessee**

Linens and Decor

Facility rental includes (9) complimentary white tablecloths and black skirting for 8’ x 30” rectangular tables to be used for registration/guest book, bar, DJ, gifts, buffet, head table, etc. 

LINENS FOR ROUND TABLES ARE NOT INCLUDED.  Additional linens are available for rental through the facility. You may provide your own linen or use the vendor of your choice. 

Optional decor items are available which add ambiance plus save you time and money!  See photos in our online gallery. 

Rental prices below include set up.

Rental item Price excludes tax
White Linen Tablecloths for 8’ x 30” tables $  5.00 each
White Linen Tablecloths (85” square ) for 60” round tables $ 10.00 each
White Linen Napkins $   1.25 each
Optional White Table Skirting  $ 15.00 each
Black Spandex for 5' table $   8.00 each
Black Spandex for 8' table $  10.00 each
Window Curtain Lighting in Section C $ 20.00 set
Uplights (set of 8) in your choice of colors $100.00 set
White Satin Lighted Backdrop 16' wide $150.00 set
Cocktail Tables or Highboys with black, white or beige spandex (4 available) $  10.00 each
Gold Resin Chivari Chairs with ivory padded cushions (6 available) $    7.50 each

Misc. Fees & Policies



  • Event rates are based on a 12-hour rental period - the latest rental is 2pm – 2am
  • Additional time may be purchased for $75.00 per half hour and must be paid in advance
  • Guests must be OFF PROPERTY within 30 minutes following the end of guest time
  • Everyone must be gone by the end of rental time
  • Late departure after contractual guest time or rental time will result in a $150/30 minutes penalty
  • All belongings and equipment must be removed before end of contracted 12 hours


  • Floorplan Selection is limited
  • Custom Floorplans are available for an additional fee of $250
  • No changes to floorplan, times or event details within 2 weeks of event date
  • Room Set Up may not be changed upon arrival
  • Conference Center does not accept responsibility for any personal, rental or vendors’ items
  • Facility will provide (at no additional cost) up to (8) white tops and black skirts for 8’ x 30” tables. Additional linen for rectangular and round tables are available for rental through the facility or you may bring/rent your own
  • Max 2 kegs at a time. Additional kegs, untapped, may be stored in kitchen or outside
  • No jello shots
  • Client Ice Chests must be placed on mats. Guests may not bring in their own ice chests
  • No parking on pavers or in fire lane
  • Fire Code and ADA regulations must be followed – maintain aisles and do not cover or block doorways, exit signs, fire extinguishers, pull
    stations, defibrillator or fire panel
  • Candle flames must be contained within a votive holder or hurricane
  • No bird seed, rice or rose petals on floor or ground
  • Do not use nails or push pins
  • No duct tape – use only Gaffers Tape
  • No food coloring in water bowls/vases
  • No smoking in the facility
  • No eating, drinking, smoking nor ceremonies in the Memorial area
  • Trash must be placed in trash cans provided for your use. We will empty the trash cans during the event.
  • Boxes must be flattened before placing in dumpster
  • Last Call for Alcohol should be made 30 minutes before end of guest time so after serving the final drinks bars should be closed at least 15
    minutes before guest time ends. Then no more alcohol service.
  • DJ/Band should announce Last Song approx 3 or 4 minutes before the end of guest time
  • When guest time ends, lights will be turned on and music stops
  • Guests must leave the premises within 30 minutes and all alcoholic drinks/open beverages must be removed from tables. Only a few people
    may remain in the building (until the end of Rental Time) to help clean and pack up.


  • All evening and weekend events require security - arrangements are made through The Conference Center
  • Minimum (2) officers required for events with alcohol. No liquor consumption without officers present
  • Events without alcohol present
    • a. (1) officer for less than 200 guests
    • b. (2) officers for 200 guests or more
  • Security is $30*/hour per officer with a (4) hour minimum *excluding holidays
  • Officers are scheduled to arrive ½ hour before guest time begins and work through the end of the rental period
  • All guests must be off property within 30 minutes after guest time ends. Only a few people may remain to remove decorations and belongings during final half hour.
  • Security Fees are the responsibility of lessee to be directly paid to officer(s) in cash or money order at the event


  • (2) security officers are required for any event with alcohol regardless of attendance
  • TABC permit and a licensed bartender are required for the sale of alcohol
  • Tapped Kegs are limited to (2); additional untapped kegs may be stored in the kitchen or outside & used to replenish during the event
  • NOTE: Facility does not supply a dolly to transport kegs
  • You are responsible for monitoring your beverage stations. If leakage or spills result in wet carpet, your deposit will be retained for cleaning and extraction.


  • Contractors must submit a certificate of liability insurance, if applicable, listing HFRRF as additional insured: HFRRF, Greer and Lowdermilk Conference Center, 4225 Interwood N Pkwy, Houston TX 77032. FAX to 281.372.5125


  • Significant changes to event details within (2) weeks of event will incur $250 fee. These changes include, but are not limited to, rental times and floor plans.
  • Fees may be withheld from deposit.