Board of Trustees Election

Trustee Election News

August 24, 2018


Dear Fund Members,

Pursuant to Section II, 7.00 of the Fund’s established Policies, the following active member has been nominated for the Houston Firefighters Relief and Retirement Fund Board of Trustees a) Position I (One), reserved for an active member selected from the ranks of Engineer/Operator or firefighter; and, for b) Trustee Position X (Ten), a retired firefighter trustee position, established under Article 6243e.2(1), Section 2(b)(4) (must be selected from those retired members with at least 20 years of participation in the Fund):

Eligible Active Fund Member Candidate              Nominated by Fund Member

  1. Position I           *Brett Robert Besselman                                David L. Keller, Jr., 

Eligible Retired Fund Member Candidate(s)        Nominated by Fund Member

                  In the order in which candidate names will appear on the ballot

    Position X           David Lantrip                                                  David Lantrip

    Position X           Steven J. Deweese                                        Gary M. Vincent

    Position X           Bill Barry                                                         Bill Barry

  1. Position X           Kevin James Brolan                                       R.L. Scott 

The active firefighter and Fund member nominated for Positions I (*incumbent and uncontested candidate) will automatically remain in his position for a new term on the Houston Firefighters Relief and Retirement Fund Board of Trustees. The new 3-year term will begin on January 1, 2019, and end on December 31, 2021.


An election will be held to fill Trustee Position X. There are 4 eligible retired member candidates vying for Trustee Position X.   Eligible voters (Eligible Retired Fund Membership Only) will have the opportunity to cast their ballot within three (3) weeks following the established mail out date of the ballots |See established schedule belowand look for your ballot, all submitted candidate 1 page biographies & instructions to cast your vote at your home address on file.